Friday, July 9, 2010

Some Hard Truths About Me

I hate being told what to do.
I've known this for a looooong time.

What I have only recently discovered, is that I hate being told what to do - even if it is me telling me what to do.
Apparently, I will rebel and start new projects that aren't on the list, just because I said I had to finish the list first.
Pictured above is the dress I bought at GoodWill and wore to Migi's (the offspring formerly known as Cheerleader) high school graduation. I paid $7.99 for the dress and told the girls I was planning to shorten it as I felt frumpy wearing it. Both of them said I should leave it as it was - and admittedly it is a very nice dress, so I left it.

Until last night, when El Guapo told me he had seen our 68 year old neighbor lady wearing a dress that looked very similar! I immediately cut off 8 inches and used those inches to make a sweet little ruffle along the bottom. Turns out I was right all along and should have gone with my instincts. The dress was very nice, but now it is darling!

Oh, and I did finish the Urban Outfitters knock-off shrug - just in time for the summer's first 97 degree weather! So I did do one thing on my list.

I bet I'm very difficult to live with.

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