Monday, July 12, 2010


This is my favorite time to try on a sock - it looks like a sock, only the toe is left to knit, and with all those knitting needles sticking out - it has a dangerous, ninja look to it! Sock no. 1 is finished and sock no. 2 is awaiting a heel. July socks look to be finished on time!

On Saturday, El Guapo, Sunshine and I drove to Medford to pick up the vintage trailer. It was a beautiful day and a long enough drive to explain why sock no. 2 is ready for a heel!

First stop: Medford Les Schwab for new tires and packing the bearings.


At home Saturday evening, I couldn't stand the contact paper covering the table, so I sat out in the trailer and peeled it off. You can also just see where I pulled back a corner of the top layer of carpet.

Sunday. I've stripped two layers of carpet and got to the original vinyl tiles. I pitched the cushions, curtains and bed out.

I am discovering that over the years, people have spent quite a lot of time ruining my trailer (the bottom layer of carpet was screwed down about every 8 inches) and I find myself offended!

But, I am down to bare bones and . . . no nasty surprises!

I've vacuumed top to bottom and front to back. Later today I plan to take a bucket of hot water and some Dr. Bronner's soap and clean top to bottom and front to back again. Then I will feel comfortable about camping in the lovely trailer.

Unable to locate the VIN thus far.

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