Sunday, July 18, 2010

Raspberry Socks Forever!

The July-and-1/2 Socks are begun!
Knit from the Leyburn pattern on Ravelry.
I'm calling them Framboise and they are scrumptious.

I learned two new techniques with these socks. One is carrying a strand of yarn and the second is the toe-up method. Actually the toe-up method could prove to be my undoing! I can never wait to get to the point when I can try the socks on and with the top down method, you are more than half-way there before that can happen. With the toe-up method, you can start trying the socks on from about the third round and continue trying them on with each successive round. I know this for a fact!

All this sock trying on is slowing my knitting speed a bit, plus - I'm afraid the sock will be worn out before it is even off the needles.

But it sure looks good!

The lace scarf progresses nicely as well - just not as photogenically.

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