Sunday, July 4, 2010

I've Been Canned . . .

Cheerleader (need to get a different name!) and I dropped Sunshine off at her friend's house in Monmouth this afternoon so Sunshine could spend the 4th of July with her other family. On the way there we saw a yard sale in progress and stopped at it on our way home.

Looky at what I found! 14 Wire Bail canning jars for $10.00! There are 11 quart sized jars, 2 pint sized jars and one that must be 1 1/2 quarts. All but one are very old and the newer one has French writing on it. There is even an unopened vintage box of rubber gaskets! I frequently shop for this type of jar at the second-hand stores and haven't found any for less than $4.50 each, so I considered this to be a major score!

Now I can't wait to get canning!

Here is the lavender wrap-around skirt. I made it from a rayon scarf/shawl thingy that my friend gave me. I think it is a souvenir from Mexico. It had some nice bead work on the two ends so I used those ends to make the bottom of the skirt beaded. Much more useful in skirt form!

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