Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Socks - Darn!

I can't decide if I'm cheating on my self-imposed sock-of-the-month club.
April's pair of socks ran over into May - but I'm still counting them as April's socks. Which brings us to May. I have cast on and nearly finished one sock for this month, and let me just tell you - they are the GREATEST socks EVER! Super great knitting pattern, I adore the heel and toe treatment, and they are a silk/wool blend in a great color - no down side anywhere. Except that they aren't going to be done in May, so they can't count as my May socks.

Enter these socks, which I knit last Sept. or Oct. and Zora (the Gorgon) chewed a hole in in February.

So, here is my thought. (why did the font just change? but that isn't the thought). If I darn this pair of socks, I am essentially gaining a new pair of socks as these have been unwearable since being chewed - plus, I learn a new knitting related skill. Sounds like a win/win and by being loose about the sock-of-the-month club rules I have my May socks done!

I'll show you the new socks soon - they are a delight to knit and hard to put down. I may actually get two pairs of June socks done which would be nice since I didn't start my sock-of-the-month knitting until February, but still want to get twelve pairs in 2010.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Finished Objects

Here is a pretty little ditty bag I made using a tutorial from here.

I thought it would make a nice little gift bag for these . . .

The April socks. Finished May 18th!

A nice gift for someone who has been very helpful and supportive during recent tough times.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Beautiful Apron & A Beautiful Spring

I sewed this apron yesterday morning using the tute from Stop Staring . . . and Start Sewing!
It was a really quick project and turned out very nicely. Have I ever mentioned how much I love aprons?
Here is the view we have had of the patio all week. El Guapo took the blue bench out of storage, noticed it needed a little repair, so just plunked it down under the flowering Dogwood - out of the way. All week I have looked out the kitchen window and the back door just to see the vignette it makes with the contrast of the blue of the bench and the pink of the blossoms. It makes me happy!
Spring is making its way to the Willamette Valley!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Morning

My newest obsession . . . hot cereal on the weekends with candied walnuts (or pecans) and usually some fresh fruit with a coffee chaser.

Here is the May 1st view of the Crabapple tree.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm Beginning To Think . . .

that I won't be getting my April pair of socks finished in April!

The month started strong! I cast on for a pair of Jaywalker socks and was really enjoying them - nice pattern, nice knit - until I turned the heel and discovered there was no way they were going to stretch over my heel so that I would actually be able to wear them. So. The month was still young, I frogged them and started again - larger size this time. Knit, knit, knit, turn heel, try on. Same problem. No stretchy, no fitty. Well, I can learn. So, I tried a different pattern! And they are nice socks, and I am enjoying knitting them. But, dark brown yarn, size 0 dpns and my aging eyes make for many mistakes, so the going is slow. Long story short. No April socks.