Friday, April 29, 2011

Why I sometimes have trouble making my bed

I really like to have my bed made - I kinda even like making it. It's satisfying to me to get the blankets on all crisp and fluff the pillows. Plus, handling the quilt and pillowcases I've made gives me a little daily dose of happiness.
Lately, I've been having a little trouble accomplishing this most basic of tasks. I'm not making excuses - but here are a couple of the reasons I'm finding making my bed so difficult.

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #1 + Reason #2

I keep trying to sneak in between dogs, but they have a real tendency to follow me and hop up on the bed before I can get started or, in Ripple's case - flop on the quilt and blanket on the floor while I'm trying to get the sheets straightened.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Steppin' Out in Style

About three weeks ago I stopped by the local GoodWill store. I was looking specifically for some orthopedic shoes - I had seen some there before.

I was pretty pumped when these Dansko Sanita sandals fit me so well and were so comfy. And at only $7.99 they came home with me.
About a week ago I got a flyer from the local Birkenstock store - they had the 2011 version of Dansko Sanitas for $120.00!
I really liked these sandals - they were in good shape (just a little wear shows on the elastic and some slight dirtiness at the bottom of the straps), and comfy, but just a wee bit bland.
No Longer Bland!

Several bottles of paint and a couple of very pleasant hours painting makes for some very exciting summer sandals!

Sunshine asked me not to paint them in my usual 'Mary Englebreit' fashion. She thought they should be more Scandinavian looking and I had to agree. After all, Dansko is a Danish brand.

Makes for some very happy feet!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not Dead Yet . . .

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I only smell dead.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the items that have been occupying my time.
Above: A spring skirt made from Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt. I did an invisible zipper for the first time and am so pleased with the result that I may never do any other type from now on.

Above and below, a jacket from a pattern Migi gave me for Christmas.

Below - same jacket, different fabric.

While I was knitting the drop-mesh tee (see below) I couldn't keep the small, annoying dog away from it. She wanted to be on my lap, completely wrapped up in as much of the knitting as was possible. She has never reacted quite like this to any of my other yarn, and I had a spare skein, so I knitted her a little drop-mesh blankie of her own.

The drop-mesh tee, below. Finally, after two other incarnations, I found a pattern that worked with this tired, overknit yarn. I'm very pleased with the final result.