Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Socks - Darn!

I can't decide if I'm cheating on my self-imposed sock-of-the-month club.
April's pair of socks ran over into May - but I'm still counting them as April's socks. Which brings us to May. I have cast on and nearly finished one sock for this month, and let me just tell you - they are the GREATEST socks EVER! Super great knitting pattern, I adore the heel and toe treatment, and they are a silk/wool blend in a great color - no down side anywhere. Except that they aren't going to be done in May, so they can't count as my May socks.

Enter these socks, which I knit last Sept. or Oct. and Zora (the Gorgon) chewed a hole in in February.

So, here is my thought. (why did the font just change? but that isn't the thought). If I darn this pair of socks, I am essentially gaining a new pair of socks as these have been unwearable since being chewed - plus, I learn a new knitting related skill. Sounds like a win/win and by being loose about the sock-of-the-month club rules I have my May socks done!

I'll show you the new socks soon - they are a delight to knit and hard to put down. I may actually get two pairs of June socks done which would be nice since I didn't start my sock-of-the-month knitting until February, but still want to get twelve pairs in 2010.

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