Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Folly

I bought this yesterday on Ebay! I didn't for a moment think I was going to win, I only bid $5.00 over the previous bid of $250.00 and I won!!!! Crap!

I've been wanting a camping trailer for a loooooong time. For many years, I thought I wanted to buy a tent trailer, travel around the USA one summer, then sell it. Over time I have decided that tent trailers are too expensive and prone to problems from all the folding and unfolding. Also, I wanted a place to put our camping gear and leave it! I only want to haul food and clothing out to the trailer to be ready to go.

Recently I became aware of the cuteness potential for vintage travel trailers, and - if you are prepared to do some restoration - the low entry level cost. Also, many of these oldies have no titles, they've passed too many years and hands. So a new title can be obtained, with a little effort, but it makes the price much lower.

So, for $255.00 I am the proud owner of this tired little trailer (12 ft). But oh, the plans I have!

New exterior paint job, new red and white checked vinyl floor, red and white cushions with aqua accents and white lacy curtains!

Too Cute!

Edited to add: I figured out my crap by the pound price for the trailer - .17 per lb.!

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  1. Hi - I just found your blog while looking for blogs and information about vintage trailers. I love what I've read and hope to see more of the restoration on your little one. I live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, too, and I'd love to find a wonderful trailer for the kind of bargain you found yours. You are an inspiration!