Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Done!

You know how sometimes you see an absolutely ugly baby and you have to say something, but all you can come up with is "Wow! What a big head!" or something like that. Maybe this hasn't ever happened to you . . .

I was trying to come up with something positive about this afghan I've just finished for Cheerleader. Here goes:

1. It's done!

2. It's warm.

3. It doesn't have any mistakes.

4. It is done in U of O colors (although living in the same city as OSU may make this last one a negative.)

I'm just glad Cheerleader likes it so well. If she tires of it, the dog likes it also! (I'm glad El Guapo never reads this post - he dislikes having Ripple on the couch, but during the day I get tired of the constant arguing trying to keep her off).

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