Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why some WIPs take longer than they should . . .

She doesn't find this to be a problem. In fact, it is nearly the perfect situation for her . . . she is as close to me as she can get right now; she is involved in what I am doing; and she is not 'technically' on the carpet.

I've been working on this afghan for Cheerleader since my parents came to visit in April. My mom brought her 20+ year old stash of yarn (it was dusty), from her knitting heyday, and Cheerleader decided that even though the colors are atrocious, they are U of O colors and that's where she's planning on going to college, so why don't I make her an afghan? There is both too much and too little yarn, too many colors, but not enough of the colors I need, so we added black and have varied the pattern from the original concept and Cheerleader is thrilled. Once I get the dog off and finish (I just have the edging left), I'll spread it out and show you.

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