Friday, May 15, 2009

Thrifting and a new creation!

Look what I got at Goodwill this afternoon!!!! 100% Cashmere, beautiful grey color and it looks like it was never worn -- all this for $4.99!!!!

Gotta love Goodwill.

And look at what I made! Cheerleader is involved in a major project for Spanish, which in some weird way involves fashion w/Extra credit for having an actual product. I found a freebie pattern for arm warmers that I thought she would be able to crochet. But she had trouble (didn't make it past the chain foundation), so I took over. That is when I realized that by following the pattern, I was not going to end up with the arm warmers in the photo. I was frustrated, but determined. So . . . I made up my own pattern and it is a huge hit. Cheerleader won't take them off and she wore them when we wandered around town this afternoon and received several compliments from strangers on the street! I will get the pattern instructions and photos sorted and post them here (hopefully in the next week).

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