Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crochet Sweet Lolita Wristlets

Here is a picture of Cheerleader modeling the Sweet Lolita Wristlets I designed and crocheted for her Spanish 3 final project. The wristlets are really quite snazzy and easy to make -- Cheerleader says they are like a sweater for her arms and has been wearing them every waking moment since they were wearable (as opposed to being actually finished).
I have never written a pattern before, so if I messed something up and you need assistance, please feel free to ask. I have made a sincere effort, however, to make the pattern readable and followable. Also, I used American terms.

Wristlets (make 2)
Yarn of your preference for main color
Yarn of your preference for trim
Crochet hook, size I
Crochet hook, size G

To begin, Chain 40

Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across (39 sc). Ch 1, Turn.

Row 2: sc in back loop only of first 4 sc; ch 1, skip next sc (sc in back loop only of next 4 sc; ch1, skip next sc)* to end. Ch 1, Turn. (see photo for sc into back loop only).

Row 3: sc in both loops of first 4 sc; sc into 1st space. (sc in both loops of next 4 sc; sc into space)* to end. Chain 1, Turn. (see photos for sc into both loops and sc into space)
Repeat rows 2 & 3 until you have a total of 30 (for a sm/med size) rows.
Put right sides together and slip stitch sides together. (these sides are comprised of the row you just finished and the beginning row, the chain foundation).
Using a G size hook, and the trim color, add trim to the top and bottom edge of your wristlets. I made a picot edging, but a shell border would be nice as well.
To make the cords for the wristlets, I followed the directions in this website video: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-friendship-bracelets-using-a-braiding-disc/
I used three strands of one color and 4 strands of the other to make a varigated cord.
Once your cord is made, thread it through the spaces of the wristlet. I arranged my cord so that it tied on the outside, but you could also position it so that it ties on the bottom. (I just thought the outside of the wrist would be less bothersome to the wearer). There are seven rows of spaces in the wristlets, I threaded the cord through the third row of spaces from the hand side.
Using different weight yarn and different size crochet hooks will make a nice variation on these wristlets, you will just need to adjust the size.

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