Friday, July 31, 2009

Ugly Duckling Story

Several weeks ago I responded to a Craigslist ad and bought two garbage bags of really cheap yarn. Cheap in more ways than one:: it was very inexpensive; and it truly belonged in the garbage bags! Really crappy stuff!

The gal who was selling it told me she had bought it to make hats for the homeless. It made me wonder how she could hate the homeless soooo much? Did she really believe that they should be grateful for hats made from such ugly, nasty yarn? I tried to get a good photo of the stuff - see the red yarn? Crocheting with it is like crocheting 1970's shag carpet that has been on the floor of a college rental and never cleaned! It squeaks when you work with it. All of the yarn is acrylic and it is in some of the most eye smarting colors!

But . . . I like a challange. Also, I am not quite ready to spend real money on real yarn yet. I still have some experimenting to do before crocheting a masterpiece. So, I challenged myself to make a pretty (or presentable) patio throw with the stuff. I put together the best combinations of colors I could with what was available and I started on a "join-as-you-go, Babette-style, Granny-Square Flower" throw. Say that three times fast.

Hm. This picture is blurry. Could it be that the colors were causing the camera trouble? Or was it me? Okay. Because I, basically, have a positive outlook on everything and I like lists, I decided to come up with a list of good things about this yarn and throw.
1. It was practically free;
2. If it had cost actual money, I wouldn't be willing to use the throw outside, on the patio, of an evening when it is chilly;
3. There is a certain satisfaction in making something functional and even, pretty, from something so ugly and crappy.
4. I just like to crochet!

Sunshine was bored and pulled together a blindingly outrageous outfit the other day. I had to document it for posterity! Yikes!

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