Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This past weekend was a landscaping weekend. El Guapo finished the last of the hardscaping last weekend when he added one more retaining wall at the top of the yard near the shed. You can just see it in this photo.

I love all the changes we have made to our yard over the past 3 years. But, the time has come to add plants. Admittedly, we have several already, but not nearly enough!

The potted standard rose was the most recent addition - until this weekend, that is.

After a spendy trip to Fry's Road Nursery in Albany, 20 shiny new plants to tuck into special spots. Unfortunately, El Guapo and I have some differing ideas about gardening. He likes to think that when he sticks 5 plants in a row in the ground, 3 years later there should still be just those 5 plants still precisely lined up. I tend toward the opinion that you should stick plants in the ground in various places and see what happens. Thus the violets overrunning the front yard and the Forget-Me-Nots overrunning the side yard fill me with glee and El Guapo with horror.

This is a picture from Chanaz, France. A BeaUtiFul place and something I would love to emulate at our house!

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