Saturday, July 4, 2009

To France and Back Again

. . . And yes, every bit of it was this pretty. We took somewhere around 600 pictures in two weeks between the four of us. I will try to share some of the best photos with you over the next few weeks. We keep being asked what our favorite part was and I guess I have to say the Alps, just because they are so awesome. But, I do love history and so the Roman and Medieval Ruins were right at the top for me.

Ripple was terribly happy when we came home!
Next on the agenda - more crochet, some sewing . . . and I am determined to find that particular blue that is used on all the shutters, etc. in Provence and paint something out in the garden with it! Also, many of our photos were of gardens - stay tuned as we make transform our own humble back yard into a French Cottage Garden.

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