Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We're having a bit of a re-org here in the Willamette Valley -- no, I'm not talking about "downsizing" or "right-sizing." I'm talking about the beautiful springlike weather and the alarming approach of Easter -- both of which inspired a mad housecleaning mood in me yesterday. I started (and finished) with the kitchen. It was a whole day project! Just look at this kitchen cupboard -- I have 28 varieties of TEA!

But now I'm thoroughly in the mood and the dining room falls under the ax today. Here are the girls' comments on the kitchen when they got home yesterday. Sunshine: "I don't see why you had to move the microwave just because you were cleaning the kitchen." Cheerleader: "I really like how the kitchen looks, I like having the microwave in a new spot." This is what I live with people. Sunshine didn't speak to me for a day when I cut my hair off and Cheerleader has an appointment this Thursday to get hers cut off! When something happens that they both agree on I feel like we should declare a national holiday.

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