Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Preparations

Preparations are underway for our annual Easter Tea. I boiled two dozen eggs today and they are tucked away in the fridge awaiting their transformation tomorrow into colored EasterEggs. Cheerleader is home from school today as it is conference time again, so she and I just baked gluten-free tartlet shells. In February, I found some Lime Curd at my favorite grocery store up in Portland -- New Seasons (they have a huge gluten-free department!). This year we will break with tradition and have Lime Curd Tartlets for Easter Tea rather than Lemon Curd Tartlets -- can I mix things up or what? I try every year to prepare as much as possible ahead of time for Easter Tea, but there are numerous items that really just have to prepared the same day -- Devilled Eggs and Scones, for example.

But the house cleaning has come along nicely, tomorrow while the girls are out of the house in the a.m., I will vacuum and mop and then it is simply a matter of everyone PUTTING THEIR BELONGINGS AWAY, instead of dumping them in the first likely spot.

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