Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here are the arm warmers I made from the sale wool. I made one using the same fingerless mitten pattern from {a-black-pepper}, but it was too tight so I ripped it out (even though I FINALLY figured out the thumb gusset!) and made these from A Friend to Knit With - I think they are "Toast", but maybe "Toasty". One thing I have learned about my knitting - not only do I knit tightly, but I bind off tightly also - perhaps a bit too tightly. The thumb openings need some definite stretching. But I love the color and the form fit.
Ripple has reservations about Zora.
She dislikes the snuggling and would really like to play - which Zora is not quite ready for.
February Crab Apple

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  1. Zora has the best seat in the house on top of that wonderful ripple.

    Love it,
    Kate - The Garden Bell