Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birthday Socks

Despite Zora's best efforts (it has been established that she is a chewer), I did get the socks done with an hour and a half to spare! I wish I had taken photos of how I did the fix, because I think that it was worthy of an Olympics Knitting Challenge (as seen everywhere on the blogs). But because of circumstances, I had to go for the gold early. In fact, this may have been more than an olympic challenge, I think I may now be a ninja knitter!

So, here is how I accomplished the fix. . . I remembered reading about knitters using life-lines and wondered if I could modify the practice for a save. I found what looked like the last whole row before the hole and using a darning needle and dark yarn, made a pass through every stitch I could identify. Then I ripped back the yarn until I was one row before the life-line. Knowing that the life-line row was still available to me, I started working the sock back on to needles (using a smaller size and aluminum for ease). There were a few dropped stitches that I re-knit, but I got everything on the needles, removed the life-line and started figuring out where I was on the pattern. With a little study, shifting and twisting of stitches, I was able to begin again and finish the sock in record time! I wish there was a medal for a save like this - although I would probably then have to forfeit it for having left the sock in harm's way to begin with.

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