Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fingerless Mittens

I got the pattern for these darling fingerless mitts from {a-black-pepper} . They are the Emerald Fingerless Mitts and were easy and fun to knit. I took three pictures, because it is only by compiling all three in your inner eye that you will know what they really look like. The above photo - of the mitts blocking - shows the detail somewhat.
This photo shows the most true color.
And this photo shows how nice they look!

Now, until such time as I get some size 4 dp needles, or some new sock yarn, I am between knitting projects, so yesterday I cut all of my years-old fabric scraps into 2" strips and I am now in process of sewing them together to make a strip quilt. There is a method to this - if I am completely out of fabric scraps - it's time to shop for fabric, isn't it?

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