Friday, May 6, 2011

Knot My Hat!

My nephew and his wife are expecting a baby boy yesterday.
Therefore: I must knit for a baby!

Whipped out this sweet little hat from a small, rather dear skein of Cascade Yarns Luna (some pretty soft cotton!)
I really like knitting baby things. My face flushed and my heart went pitter-patter with joy. So, I'm thinking, a couple of hormone treatments and reversed vasectomy and I could be doing some serious baby knitting! Who cares that I haven't been pregnant in 16 years!

I sewed a little crabby ribbon tag into the knot (Migie took this picture as my camera refused to focus on the little crabs).

Oh, and Kelly - you may be younger than me, but DUDE! You're about to be (or perhaps are) a Grandpa!

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