Sunday, October 11, 2009

Knitting and Vicodin

Ahhhh! Another sock, half a pair - isn't it lovely? Warm and woolly and an interesting texture and color!
Look at the kitchener stitch I used to graft the toe together - seamless! (The yellow line is the grafted line).
This is my week - the reason it didn't matter that I've only got one half the pair of socks finished! I won't be needing the other half until the end of the coming week and I'm turning the heel on that sock now.
You know how with pain medication - like Vicodin - there is that little warning: MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS use caution when operating a car or dangerous machinery? Should be another line: also use caution when knitting a sock! But I managed to rip out 6 or 8 rows once I switched to ibuprofin and all is well with the sock now.

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