Monday, June 21, 2010

A Blast From the Past

My parents came last week for Cheerleader's Graduation (I feel like I should change her name since cheerleader doesn't apply any longer, but it feels weird to change a name!), and my mom brought me all of her knitting paraphanalia - about a thousand knitting needles and darning needles, several crochet hooks and blah, blah . . .

But the funniest thing was the patterns!

They are primarily from the 60's and 80's (apparently the 70's weren't good for knitting for my mom). I had to take some pictures and share - not only am I terribly amused, but I actually want to knit some of these items! Too bad the girls have outgrown Barbie!

Isn't this a darling couple in their his and hers knitted sweaters!

This entire pattern book looks like "Fun with Dick and Jane."

Why is he so aloof? Doesn't he like the matching sweater she knit him?

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